Bored on the weekend?

So after a rigorous morning of mowing the lawn, I spent a moment to relax while surfing the internet. I’ve been playing the latest NCAA Football game for the 360 and one of the new features is the TeamBuilder option, which lets users create their own schools to play in the game, complete with customizable uniforms, fields and rosters.

So, on a lark, I went to see what some of the user-generated content was, thinking that people are just as sick as I am and probably created some good teams. I’m the guy that used to have a notebook full of trades and transations so I could update my NHL rosters on the Sega Genesis and wouldn’t play NCAA football until I changed the names of the players (thankfully, they now allow me to download rosters, which is a tremendous time saver).

So I drop by the Web site: EA Sportsworld and lo and behold, it’s a treasure chest of goodness.

I went there to see if there was a good UMass team to download, because they have a strong content of local players. Sure enough, there are more than a few to choose from. Not only that, you can download all the area colleges, like Holy Cross, Assumption, Worcester State, WPI, Becker, Anna Maria, Fitchburg State and so on. I even found a Marlboro Shamrocks and Mass. Marauders team to fool around with.

Of course, there are also quite a bit of high school teams to play with, most of them complete with rosters. I noticed Algonquin and Wachusett had everything pretty much filled out, and there were plenty of other teams to choose from, like Fitchburg, Marlboro, North Middlesex, Assabet Valley, Auburn, Hudson, Southbridge, Clinton, Gardner, Oakmont, David Prouty, Uxbridge, Shepherd Hill, Bartlett, Northbridge and South High. I got through about 600 teams in the search function before I realized I wasted about an hour of my life looking at these teams.

Just wanted to let other sickos know that these teams were out there. Pretty cool option and a nice way to waste some time.


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