Central Mass. Conference basketball all-stars announced

The Central Mass. Conference released the list of the boys’ and girls’ basketball all-stars for 2009-10.


Holy Name – Liam O’Sullivan, Tyler Delorey

St. Bernard’s – John Henault, Andrew Gosselin

St. John’s – Bennett Knowlton, Chad LaBove, Richard Rodgers, David White

St. Peter-Marian – Tre Watson, Matt Mobley

Free throw results: Henault, 23-25; Knowlton, 21-25; Delorey, 21-25; Watson, 16-25


Holy Name – Ahn-Dao Tran, Bridget O’Sullivan, Nadia Eke

Notre Dame Academy – Danielle Gaudette, Taylor McVey, Jessica Snow

St. Bernard’s – Laura Cote, Katy Hartnett, Meaghan Secino

St. Peter-Marian – Ali Nalivaika, Tarisha Renaud, Rachel Kusz

Free Throw Contest Winner: Tran (25-25)


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