Looking at softball down the stretch

We looked at baseball yesterday, so let’s see how softball shakes out over the next few days.

Division 1

The top two seeds are pretty much locked up with Milford and Gardner earning them with spectacular runs.

The No. 3 seed could be St. Peter-Marian if they Guardians beat St. Bernard’s and Shepherd Hill this week. That gives the Guardians 16 wins in 18 games, which jumps a potential logjam behind them.

That logjam will likely be Shrewsbury, Tantasqua and Leominster, if the Blue Devils beat Nashoba on Friday – all with 15 wins.

Milford (19-0) – Game remaining vs. Acton-Boxboro

Gardner (17-2) – Game remaining vs. Acton-Boxboro

St. Peter-Marian (14-2) – Games remaining against Shepherd Hill and St. Bernard’s

Shrewsbury (15-5)

Tantasqua (15-5)

Leominster (14-5) – Game remaining vs. Nashoba

Quabbin (13-6) – Game remaining vs. Hudson

Shepherd Hill (11-8) – Game remaining vs. SPM

Doherty (10-10)

Burncoat (10-9) – Played South Thursday (no result reported)

Holy Name (8-8) – Game remaining against Marlboro (Also played Grafton, but result was unreported)

Division 2

Division 2 looks set at the top with Narragansett, Nipmuc and Groton-Dunstable getting the top seeds – and it looks like ‘Gansett and Nipmuc will flip for the top spot.

The rest of the bracket is loaded with plenty of talented teams. I have 16 teams making it if my count on Lunenburg is right. I only had them playing 16 games, so I’m not sure if that gets them in with an 8-8 record. I also have been trying to locate a score from Clinton vs. Bromfield on Wednesday, as a win gets the Gaels into the dance.

Narragansett (16-4)

Nipmuc (16-4)

Groton-Dunstable (15-5)

Douglas (14-6)

Leicester (13-7)

Hudson (12-6) – Games remaining vs. Quabbin, Marlboro

Bartlett (12-6)

Blackstone-Millville (11-7)

Auburn (11-9)

Millbury (11-8) – Game remaining vs. Uxbridge (Thursday)

Northbridge (10-10)

Grafton (10-8) – Game remaining against Uxbridge (Played Holy Name, game unreported)

Notre Dame Academy (10-10)

Clinton (9-10) Played Bromfield on Wednesday (unreported)

Oakmont (8-9) – Game remaining vs. Bromfield Friday

Lunenburg (8-8)

Division 3

How about the SWCL sending all but three teams to the postseason (by my count)? That’s unbelievable. Granted, a lot of them beat up on each other and are going in with records around .500, but that is quite a testament to the level of play and how wide open the postseason will be with these teams involved.

However those teams in Division 3 should watch out for the top seeded Monty Tech squad. The Bulldogs look by far like the team to beat this year. The top spots look pretty secure, but there are still a handful of games that could switch some seedings around and benefit – or hurt – some teams.

Monty Tech (20-0)

Murdock (16-2)

Assabet (14-3) – Game remaining against Tahanto

Hopedale (12-8)

Valley Tech (12-5) – Played Nashoba Tech Thursday

Worcester Tech (11-7) – Unaccounted games with St. Mary’s and North

Ayer (10-7) – Game remaining vs. Littleton

Uxbridge (10-8) – Games remaining vs. Millbury and Grafton

Tahanto (9-8)

Quaboag (10-8) – Games remaining vs. Monson, Ware


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