Mid-Mass League Girls’ Lax all-stars

The Mid-Mass. Lacrosse League released its list of girls’ all-stars:

First team

Tantasqua – Emily Bamberger, Jessica Farland, Jocrlyn Hoye, Melissa Frio, Mary McGee

Nipmuc – Erica Marrarelli, Ashley Donelan, Lauren Neilan, Kelly Hodgson, Trinity Scanlon

Grafton – Emily Anderson, Kirstin Glavin, Vanessa Osborn, Stephanie Reilly

Northbridge – Kayla Chase, Dominique Auger

Worcester – Abby Ellis, Ashley Orris

Second Team

Tantasqua – Jessica Frio, Kourtney Mantyla, Alyx Darger, Jamie Spidle

Nipmuc – Kelsey Langevin, Ashley Spindel, Melissa Colwell, Megan Mattox

Grafton – Sarah Lennon, Debra Begonis, Kelsea Lyver

Northbridge – Erin Ducey, Samantha Matte

Worcester – Aretha Sullivan, Veronica Kazinik


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